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Gay Dating Advice – How to Break the Ice

Gay dating can be hard. If you used to be a shy teenager, it can be even especially hard. While the society today tends to be more liberal about homosexuality, you may still feel the need to be on guard all the time. However, being overly cautious can put you on the sidelines of the gay dating scene. Here are some simple tips on how to break the ice and meet more guys.

Show that you are available

With the gay dating scene being as competitive as it is, it does not hurt to advertise yourself a little. After all, if no one knows you are available for dating, how do you expect to meet someone new? Websites such as can help you set up an attractive profile and search for compatible partners.

Get out of your comfort zone

In case you are dreaming about meeting someone new and exciting, but you are religiously going to the same bars, gyms, and clubs, do not expect that special new someone to fall from the skies. It does not hurt to get out of your comfort zone from time to time, to see some fresh faces.

Do not pretend to be someone you’re not

If you are working too hard to get someone’s attention, maybe you’re not doing it right. It is best to meet a guy who is really compatible with you, than someone you think could be right for you, but it’s not. It is very important to keep your authentic shine, if you want to be loved for who you really are. In simple words, it’s ok to try, but don’t try too hard.

Stop finding reasons not to date

You cannot expect to break the ice and start dating if you do not even care about starting. Online dating now makes it easier for the gay community to find potential partners. Stop being negative about dating in general, and start getting to know people. You will see that it is much easier, once you begin, to find guys that are into the same things as you.

Be honest

If you are dating only to get laid, be honest about it. (Clearly, if you are actually looking for a relationship, do not make sex the first topic in conversations). On the gay dating scenes, there are guys looking for various things, from friendships, relationships, open relationships and simply, having sex. Do not mislead your date and be straightforward about what you are really looking for. This way, you will not waste your time or his.

Don’t compare yourself with everyone else

One common mistake that many gay guys do is to overly compare themselves with everyone around them. So what Michael or Steve are dating much more than you? Does it really have anything to do with how they look, or is it simply just their attitude that is different from you?

There are many gay singles out there looking for a partner. One of them could be the perfect match for you, as you can be for them.

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